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Care Instructions
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Applying A Bindi 
  • To apply a bindi carefully remove from the plastic and place on your forehead in between the eyebrows.

  • Hold the bindi down for a few seconds or until you feel that your bindi holds firmly in place.

                   *Heavy or large bindis may need longer to hold down in place.

Bindis can usually be stuck on make-up  and hold in place just fine.*

  • The bindi can be reused and worn multiple times or until it loses its ‘stickiness’. 

  • Want to keep wearing your bindi but it’s not ‘sticky’ anymore? Bring it back to life by adding a tiny drop of eyelash glue on the back. It may not stick on as great as the first time, but it’ll still look beautiful! 

  • When you want to take the bindi off, simply slide your nail under it and it should peel off easily. Be careful and try not to take it off from pulling the front side as this may result in crystals falling off. 

Taking a bindi off  
Re-using a bindi  
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