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Festival Gems
bindiworld backdrop red.jpg
bindiworld backdrop red.jpg
bindiworld backdrop red.jpg

we are excited to launch our festival gems collection. 

Perfect for your festival look, and also great for parties, bachelorette or hen parties, halloween, raves, and cosplay events.

How To Wear

To wear, simply peel and stick on. These are self-adhesive and can be re-used and worn multiple times. 

If rhinestones lose stickiness, you can apply cosmetic adhesive or eyelash glue onto the back to re-apply the gems. 

We also have this design in pink, blue, green and gold.

In each Pack

Each festival gem pack includes x3 stickers. 
x1 to be worn on the forehead

x2 to be worn above the eyebrows. 
Can also be worn in any other area of the face or body. 

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